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: Decided to bring back my Twittering: Colidespell

: I began getting back into fitness training as of May 17th. I had been away from it for years for loss of interest and sense of duty to others. However it later occured to me, it's really a matter of time management than not having enough time for myself, so, I made adjustments to my habits to accomodate the new lifestyle. I began rising an hour earlier in the morning to make time for running the track and working out in the gymnasium, and after-office-hours found me there again -- yes, twice a day, four days a week. Exercise is fine, but results are seen more quickly with a change of diet and eating habits. I cut out sweets altogether! That's right, cold-turkey shut off the hard candy as well as no snacking between decent meals. I increased the amount of whole grains (fiber) and 'vegitation' in my meals and removed white bread, white rice and white pasta. Ardently determined to keep this up, by June 17th, I had lost 13 pounds. Having acheived results, I dare not stop. So, I continue the brisk walks and track runs and light to moderate work outs, and decent food intake with reduced portions. From June 17th to date, I've lost an additional 5 pounds, for a total of 18 pounds lost since May 17th. Is maintaining such a life-style difficult? Only in the beginning until it became a part of my daily regimen ~ I made the time for it. I see results, I feel better in mind, body and soul. It's all connected. I share this to inspire, not to brag. The decision to train is very personal. So, should you decide to train--when you begin to see results--that is not the time to stop, rather that is the time to double-down and stick with it as a life-style enhancement and commitment to yourself to feel better and look better. And that equates to being happier.

: The bulk of what I do as a Database Specialist involves a very sophisticated cloud service known as QuickBase. QB was born out of Intuit, the makers of TurboTax. But now, QuickBase is known as QuickBase, Inc. I had the opportunity to visit Nashville, Tennessee to attend QuickBase, Inc's EMPOWER2016 with a colleague held at the spreadout and overly spacious Gaylord Opryland Resort and Hotel. After so many years of using and developing in QuickBase, we finally met some of the knowledgable people that support/develop the product and make the forum the buzz that it is. The Breakout Sessions I attended focused on APIs, Dynamic HTML and injecting JS into QB forms. We took advantage of the Tech Bar where we asked pointed questions how to accomplish specific things in our apps. This EMPOWER2016 event was energetic, upbeat, positive, enthusiastic. We were given an early glimpse of up and coming features that are evolving QuickBase into a more powerful and robust tool. The nightlife mixed with the ambiance of the gardens of the Gaylord were whimsical and dreamy. If not for the exhaustion at the end of busy days, I'd have toured the gardens on foot all night. EMPOWER2017 will be held in Boston, Massachusetts. Hope to see you there.

: How many is one million? So many millions of this or that is touted and slung around so loosely that the significance of that amount is lost on most of us. Here's a web-page that will help 'conceptualize' that number. I did this as a study in JavaScript loops.
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