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Pulp Noir is a sub-genre of seedy scintillation, mystery and weirdness against a backdrop of day-in-the-life, no bull-shit, take it as it is Americana.

Pulp Noir is a sultry summer night getting swamp-ass sitting in a wooden chair on the front porch, swatting mosquitos while awaiting the arrival of some nemesis, whether real or imagined, with only your wits and bare hands to take care of business.

Pulp Noir is loosened neck ties against sweat stained collars -- top button unfastened of course; disheveled hair; a 5:00 o'clock shadow tinted face; walking a gritty sidewalk with a grumpy empty stomach and nowhere to go, and all that's on your mind is your next shot of Southern Comfort and a little quiet to enjoy it in.

Pulp Noir is a snub-nose Smith & Wesson .38 Special or a Colt .45 semi-automatic, Resistol hats and London Fog overcoats - in the rain.

Pulp Noir is a non descript, shoo-fly dive with the lingering odour of yesterday's crap du jour; aloof waitresses serving burnt coffee in shallow cups set upon a greasy, formica counter top. Mind the flies and stay away from the Meatloaf.

Pulp Noir is her stale beer breath punching you in the face through a cloud of cigarette smoke. And you like it. At least attempt some semblance of conversation before you kiss her, jerk face!

Pulp Noir is when you stare into an ocean of undulating humanity--thousands of them, hundreds of thousands, and you find that one forlorne and ghostly figure staring right back at you. But you can hear him whispering in fifty thousand voices, and he's not happy to see you.

Pulp Noir is loose women with bulging bosoms and spectacular figures in tight skirts, mulling over an agenda that has no one's best interest in mind. Don't be an asshole -- light her 120!

Pulp Noir is decrepit urban landscapes, littered streets; hookers; drunken tramps; pimps; dirty cops on the take; adulterous house-wives; teenage, greaser punk, truants in filthy white t-shirts; and no-good, goddamn mo-fos.

PULPeYe Publications is that scruffy black box lying in the grungy corner of an otherwise empty room. Are you sure you want to know what's inside? Hesitating? LOL, I just have to laugh!

PULPeYe Publications and what it is or is not? Eh, it's pulp and noir, and pulp noir, and scary-assed freaky horror fiction; Sex, occult, gore and drama; gory drama; that eerie seedy something lying under the facade; your next mind-splitting nightmare; it's thrilling, spine-tingling, pulpish grungy fucking offensive radical noir!

PULPeYe Publications™ is your reality check. We entertain, we interfere, we mess with you -- on purpose.

We're ALL the shit! Watch your step.

This Event Juncture features sixteen stories and poems of Erotica, Macabre and other genres by R.S.DeVille and Laura Duncan.
Book #1. First Printing. 103 pages Perfect binding anthology of short stories and poems for mature readers.

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